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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Courses UPDATE for September 2011

We have finished for the summer break (British definition of summer is akin to fraudulent trading given the amount of rain and low temperatures this year!). Bernard is running continuation and new courses at two venues (Lyndhurst and Dryden) from September 2011. They are all suitable for any level of ability and experience. Please note there is a small increase in charges for 2011-2012 courses. Pictured above is the front cover of the new brochure which is on the Council website (click here to go straight to the interactive brochure). A simpler course brochure, prices, and enrolment information is available in the resources page opposite ("2011 Courses"). PLEASE NOTE the watercolour class now starts on 27 September not 20 September as stated in the brochures.

Bernard's courses run for 10 weeks:

At Lyndhurst Centre:
Course code: P11LY0908 Title: Painting with Watercolours (new). Starts: Tuesday, 27 September 10am-12noon.
Course code: P11LY0909 Title: Creative Drawing (various techniques). Starts: Wednesday, 21 September 10am-12noon.
Course code: P11LY0910 Title: Painting with Pastels (this is the continuation of the previous pastels class). Starts: Thursday, 22 September, 10am-12noon.
Course code: P11LY0911 Title: Painting with Acrylics (this is the continuation of the previous acrylics class). Starts: Friday, 23 September, 10am-12noon.

At State of The Art (new purpose-built art class venue in the Dryden Centre):
Course code: P11AR0902 Title: Watercolours. Starts: Tuesday, 13 September, 2-4pm.
Course code: P11AR0903 Title: Acrylic Painting. Starts: Monday, 12 September, 2-4pm.
Course code: P11AR0904 Title: Creative Drawing. Starts: Wednesday, 14 September, 2-4pm.
Course code: P11AR0905 Title: Creative Life Drawing. Starts: Tuesday, 13 September, 6.30-8.30pm.
Course code: P11AR0906 Title: Pastel Painting. Starts: Thursday, 15 September, 2-4pm.
Course code: P11AR0907 Title: Looking at Art. Starts: Thursday, 15 September, 6.30-8.30pm.

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