Mini Art Show

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Harry's G&T

Harry has been working on his large still-life project for a while and here are the results.  A well chosen close-up design emphasises the abstract nature of the subject and has an architectural quality. Very well observed colour tone (close tonal range) and drawing (large simple interacting shapes) provide a strong platform for the application of paint and texture/colour contrasts. 

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Easter Home Project 2011

Please refer to the resource page on the right when doing your Easter home project: using black marker pens and colour acrylic washes. 

If you complete this early, try another one with a water soluble marker pen on damp paper then add colour acrylic washes keeping the paper surface slightly moist until finished. 

We will review the project when we next meet on 6 May. Good luck!

Acrylics class 15 April 2011

A mix of projects underway this week. Some still-life practising monochrome and colour modelling, some large landscapes adding final highlights, some monochrome painting ready for colour glazing project, some pen and ink drawings ready for the colour wash project.