Mini Art Show

Friday, 18 March 2011

Glaze project paintings

Some more completed paintings from the glaze project. Look back in the archives (listed by month on the right of this page) to see the progressive stages of these and the other paintings in that project.

Pete's Hopper study

Len's Hopper study 2

Len's Hopper study 1

Still-Life Project 2 (March)

During the break from classes, some continued their still-life projects whilst others started new still-life studies. Here is the work from these activities: 

Pete's still-life 1

Terry's still-life 1

Bob's still-life 1

Belinda's thumbnails

Belinda's tonal study

Len's thumbnails

Michael's stil-life 1

Harry's thumbnail 1

Harry's thumbnail 2

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Still-Life Project stage one

This week we started a new project using the still-life genre. We started by looking again at composition basics, framing, and the Golden Section. Then we looked at different ways to set up a still-life with the important message being "keep it simple". Thumbnail pencil studies followed. This will lead to an impasto painting to be done at home. Photos of the still-life set-up in class are in the RESOURCES file link opposite. Here are some of the preliminary drawings: 

Terry's thumbnail

Pete's thumbnail

Bob's thumbnail

Michael's thumbnail

Glazing project - further developments

Here are some of the pictures in the glazing project in progress: 

Len's Hopper study about halfway to completion. 

Terry's finished Newcastle scene

Pete's Hopper study -
just starting to see the colour glazes coming on.

Michael's Greek scene - colour
glazes just starting to appear

Harry's Newcastle scene nearing completion

Bob's Hopper study nearing completion

Bob's St Mary's Island painting with added glaze layers