Mini Art Show

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Pete: acrylic painting 23 April 2010

Pete's acrylic painting on heavy paper. Good use 
of impasto, broken colour and texture. Interesting 
painterly contours created by colours side by 
side rather than use of lines and blending. 

George: acrylic painting 23 April 2010

George's acrylic on paper, early 20th century English 
school townscape. Great tonal values and even 
application of paint to create flat 'modern English' look.

Maureen: acrylic study April 2010

Maureen's acrylic on heavy 
paper. Good use of palette knife 
to create broken colour and texture.

Bob: acrylic painting 23 April 2010 (unfinished)

Bob's use of limited palette (5 colours), 
acrylic on watercolour paper. Great use of earth colours. 
Sky is to be further developed.

Belinda: acrylic imaginary portrait 23 April 2010

Belinda's first acrylic painting, 
her first painting for 15 years! 
Great application of paint 
and relaxed brushwork