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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Back to art school Jan 2011: home projects review

The class returned this week for a new 10-week development programme. The first thing we did was to review all work done over the Christmas break. Some continued their work from the Shipley Gallery project, others looked the reflections project. Some dealt with the after effects of the cold snap, burst pipes, frozen villages, collapsed ceilings, and the usual festive bugs. 

Here are some of their home task pictures shown as a full picture and a detail. All are in acrylic unless otherwise stated. The details are especially useful as a tool for artists. They show where the picture could be developed and they bring out the abstract qualities which can allow you to see what you have achieved. All of them displaying wonderful commitment to experiment and much progress as a result:

Harry's study of Grainger Town

Detail: excellent painterly qualities and complex palette

Belinda's study after Redon

Detail: wonderful expressive colour and touch, acrylic on pastel

Len's personal project

Detail: the human figures have a calligraphic quality

Len's Shipley Gallery project (finished)

Detail: lovely vertical movement 

Bob's Reflection project (early stage)

Detail: great abstract feel; looks like a Munch seascape

Pete's Reflection project

Detail: lovely surreal quality and surface quality